Sustainability – It’s about the environment… and more!

Most conversation about “sustainable companies” relates to our planet and its environment. We talk about leaving our planet better than it is now by adopting practices that minimize waste, promote re-use and more. The catchphrase seems to be, “Those who come after us should benefit from our efforts.”

There is another “sustainability” that we need to pay attention to also. It’s a more literal interpretation of “the sustainable company”. And it boils down to this simple but challenging question: What are you doing to ensure that your company continues and flourishes after you leave?

Everyone working in a company has a responsibility to its future – it’s that simple.  Just like you commit to protect the environment for the benefit of your children, you employ the same commitment to protecting the future of your company for your successors and your employees.

How? Not surprisingly, the planet/environment analogy applies here. “Saving the Planet” is about minimizing waste while transitioning to cleaner practices. It’s about having a plan to achieve sustainability. “Saving the Company” requires those same three things.