You’ve heard of a radish. You’ve heard of a weed. Have you ever heard of a Radishweed?

A Radishweed is your garden variety ugly duckling. It is a transformative idea where its beauty is not evident.

It started in the garden, I pulled out what at first looked like a weed.

Too late, I realised it was a beautiful radish. Never knowing what it could have been, I ended its chances to flourish

It struck me how often this happens in business. Healthy, productive, brilliant ideas exist in companies. Many in the middle layers, where much of the problem solving is done.

How often do we, as executives, terminate those ideas before they flourish?

Do we recognize these? Do we create an environment where these ideas are nurtured, fertilized and cared for?

Or do we storm towards the next short-term activity, cutting down the radishes because we’re too rushed to see they’re not weeds.

Do you have a radish that you’re growing? Perhaps your own business idea? Perhaps you’re in the middle of the organization, hoping your idea will be recognized?

Perhaps you’re an exec who believes that most great ideas are not driven top-down in your organization.

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