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Do you have an abundance mentality and want to see small businesses grow?

Are you a highly skilled individual leader in your field that wants to give some time to a small business that is struggling to find its feet?

Radishweed Roots is a new initiative being trialed (initially in Cape Town, South Africa) focusing on growing small business capability, providing consulting at no charge to small businesses desperate for help in IT or general business practices.

If you can give up to ten hours of your time, you can make a difference. Work with us over a period of a few weeks to give valuable insights to a small business in your field. We are striving to do at least one initiative per quarter, dependant on capacity.

The format of the interaction is as follows:

1. Once you have agreed to be a part of Radishweed Roots, we will find a small business

desperate for assistance that can benefit greatly from your insights. You may know one already.

2. We visit the small business for a ninety minute meeting to understand their challenge.

3. The business owner(s) can ask you for your input and you can give your guidance.

4. A brief two page Radishweed report is compiled by us after the session with recommended

focus areas for the business. You provide input (up to two hours of your time) into this report and

agree on the focus areas.

5. A follow up ninety minute meeting is held, either at the small business or at your premises if

appropriate where we review the focus areas with the business owner(s).

6. If you have premises where the small business can do a site visit and you are willing to

accommodate this, a visit can be included in the follow up meeting.

7. Thereafter the Radishweed team debriefs with the business owner(s) and agrees the focus

areas for them to take forward, based on the learnings from the interaction with you.

8. While this is not an intensive, longer term engagement, the insights and the energy could make all the difference to this business.

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