Radishweed Roots

Radishweed Roots is our exciting business community based social responsibility project where we  focus on community upliftment and business development.

We’re looking for both experienced mentors hoping to contribute, and small businesses / startups wishing to grow.

Case study: enZA

enZA is a platform which will help transform the clothing & textile value chain in South Africa. It allows retail chains to contract local skilled micro manufacturers to produce clothing & footwear according to their requirements & quality standards.

enZA aims to shift production capabilities back to South Africa & create more jobs & boost the economy.

Radishweed is providing the following services for enZA, as part of our commitment to Roots:

  • Strategic Business & Financial Planning including five- and ten-year financial budgeting
  • Business Process Design & Mapping
  • Business Analysis to support Technology design and development

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Get involved


Do you have an abundance mentality and want to see small businesses grow?

Are you a highly skilled leader in your field that wants to give some time to a small business that is struggling to find its feet?

If you can give up to ten hours of your time, you can make a difference. Work with us over a period of a few weeks to give valuable insights to a small business in your field. We are striving to do at least one initiative per quarter, dependant on capacity.

Small Businesses

Do you have a promising and exciting business idea?

Are you desperate for assistance and insight from someone who knows the ins and outs of your industry?

Get in touch with us, and we’ll work with you to determine whether you qualify for help through Radishweed Roots. If you do, we’ll then help to pair you with the perfect mentor that can support you as you take your small business to the next level.