Level Up your Business Relationships – Virtual Event

Your business relationships questions answered!

Level Up your Business Relationships

We know great relationships help businesses thrive, grow and become more resilient. We have all experienced those working relationships that help us prosper, and those that cause us to shrink back over time preferring not to engage.

Whether you are thinking about business relationships between organisations, or between colleagues this episode will help you Level Up your business relationship management skills, techniques and behaviours.


Join the panel on this show and ask all the questions you have relating to business relationships and get help in figuring out how best to use data to make better decisions.

Example questions could include:

  • How do I best invest in business relationships?
  • What do I do when things go wrong?
  • What training courses are available if I want to improve my skills?
  • Where can I go to find out more?
  • What online resources do the panel recommend I use?

FOCUS TOPIC: Role of the BRM

Our special guest presenter this week is Marleen LaMont, who is the Chief Development Officer at Business Relationship Management Institute. Marleen will be talking us through the role of the Business Relationship Manager (BRM), why become a BRM, and how to go about upskilling the role.