Poison Oak – Poison Words

Poison Oak – Poison Words I’m currently battling Poison Oak on my right arm. It’s ugly, itchy, and messy. You can put stuff on it to reduce the itching and “dry it out”, and it will still be around for 7-10 days. If you scratch it (and it is incredibly itchy), it leaves scars. What […]


You’ve heard of a radish. You’ve heard of a weed. Have you ever heard of a Radishweed? A Radishweed is your garden variety ugly duckling. It is a transformative idea where its beauty is not evident. It started in the garden, I pulled out what at first looked like a weed. Too late, I realised […]

Sustainability – It’s about the environment… and more!

Most conversation about “sustainable companies” relates to our planet and its environment. We talk about leaving our planet better than it is now by adopting practices that minimize waste, promote re-use and more. The catchphrase seems to be, “Those who come after us should benefit from our efforts.” There is another “sustainability” that we need […]