Why Radishweed?

It started in the garden, I pulled out what at first looked like a weed. Too late, I realised it was a beautiful radish. Never knowing what it could have been, I ended its chances to flourish.

It struck me how often this happens in business. Healthy, productive, brilliant ideas exist in companies. Many in the middle layers, where much of the problem solving is done.

How often do we, as executives, terminate those ideas before they flourish? Do we recognise these? Do we create an environment where these ideas are nurtured, fertilised and cared for?

Do you have a radish that you’re growing? Perhaps your own business idea? Radishweed Global is here to help it grow.

Our Team

The Radishweed team offers significant experience in digital transformation, including the development of business and IT strategies.

Baziel Barends

Founder and CEO

Baz is the founder of Radishweed Global and has nearly twenty years’ experience as a corporate executive skilled in strategy, digital transformation and business relationship management.

He has an Executive MBA with distinction at the University of Cape Town and has also coached on the Executive MBA program in the areas of systemic leadership and organizational viability.

He is a board member for the US based Business Relationship Management and has been an opening keynote speaker for their BRM Connect global conference. He is also a member of the board of advisers for the IT Management and Leadership Institute in the US.


Dr. Lester Davids

PhD (Medicine), Executive MBA (UCT)

A qualified Professor of Biology, Lester has made the “transition” from Biology to Business and uses his acquired skills of 15 years’ experience in a teaching and learning environment to bring clarity to executives in the fields of corporate leadership, strategy, systems thinking and action learning.

He currently teaches and coaches on the Executive MBA programme at the University of Cape Town and is involved in convening corporate leadership programmes in Executive Education at the UCT Graduate School of Business.

He has further experience as an executive business coach and consults in an associate capacity with several national and global organisations.   

Elzaan Bergh


Elzaan has worked in corporate retail for 15 years, actively merging her passion for business, fashion & people development.  She has a Post Graduate Degree in Innovative Leadership and has a thorough understanding of the intricacies of commercial business and the importance of leadership.  She is highly skilled in facilitating personal mastery and transformation in individuals.

She is intuitive, authentic and values relationships in all spheres of life and therefore prioritizes it in business as well. She works with individuals and teams, using a whole/person framework that combines mindset, heartset and energy/spirit.

She believes that success is an inside-out approach and her compassionate and energetic nature inspires those she works with, to create lasting transformation in their lives and businesses